Angularjs upgrade to 1.7.8

Currently using meteor 1.8.1 with angular-meteor@1.3.11, and angular:angular@1.5.3_1

Is there no way to upgrade angular:angular to 1.7.8?

The angular-meteor seems to have deadended at 1.3.11?


@kpfowler Hi did you fix that? Tnx.

I did not fix it. Since Meteor seems on life support I realized there would not be any ongoing support for old Angular. The only option I see is to move on to a modern framework. Whether that means sticking with Meteor too depends on whether you believe they will survive.

What problem are you having with angular@1.7.8? We’re using it without problem with angular-meteor@1.3.12 on meteor 1.8.2

Ok, I think I get it, You use the atmosphere angular:angular package.
This is not necessary. You can use anguler-meteor & angular npm packages.
The only meteor package you should need is the compiler plugin for templates: urigo:static-templates@1.1.4