Angular's ng-show in meteor

Hi, before trying meteor I’ve dabbled in angular and there i found a cool little feature that i’d like to use in meteor but i dont want to install the whole angular code to just use this small part. So if there is some easy way to set up this with meteor/blaze let me know.

Im working on my login and register forms and this is what i would have done in angular:

<div class="login" ng-show="true">
  //login form

Not registered?	<button ng-click="true = !true">Register</button>

<<div class="login" ng-show="!true">
	//register form

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Are you asking to toggle between two divs, one to show a login form and one to show a registration form?

If so, you could do something like this:

<template name="loginregister">
... form here ...

Not registered? <button id="register">Register now</button>

{{#if not_registered}}
 ... form here...

/* helper */
   not_registered: function() {
      return Session.get('not_registered');

/* event */{
   'click #register': function() {
      Session.set('not_registered', true);
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Thanks for the input, I’ve used some jQuery in the end

"click #notRegistered": function () {
		$( "#register-form" ).removeClass( "invisible" );
		$( "#login-form" ).addClass( "invisible" );


I was just curios if there was a way to set it up without writing some JS (events, jQuery, etc.) like i could in angular

Instead of adding in a class called invisible, why don’t you just use the jQuery hide() and show()?

So, you could have it like this:

"click #notRegistered": function () {
  $( "#register-form" ).hide();
  $( "#login-form" ).show();

Because I’ve read somewhere on stack that adding a css class is the right way to do it and I didn’t know there was a hide() option :grimacing:

I’ve been learning programming just for the last 3 months so I’ve got alot of basics and “most used” to learn so please bear with my sometimes stupid questions and thanks guys for the help so far…

or you could use angular-meteor and get all your favorite angular features.