Ann: New meteor-typescript package under development

I spent a few hours today to create a brand new compiler plugin for Typescript using the incremental compilation support from Typescript 3.6.

I got as far as emitting javascript and sourcemap data and an embedded sample Meteor Typescript application builds but fails miserably when you try to access it.

Would anyone like to join me to develop this package (two packages, really) to get the speed of the built-in Typescript package (maybe even faster with the incremental support) with the design of barbatus:typescript (tsconfig.json support and Typescript errors reported to the console at build time)?

I’d be more than willing to move it to become a community-owned package once it seems to work.

Here’s where to go to get started:


So I guess, I can close this now:


I still need help from someone who understands babel and all the magic around node modules. Do you know anyone?

As the opener of and a user of meteor and typescript I am glad to see others interested in the typescript development within meteor.

Unfortunately I don’t think I have the knowledge of the internal meteor and babel build processed to really help right now, I wish I had the time to help looking into it.

My 2 cents:

  • With the limited resources regarding meteor development (both from the maintainers and the community) I would try to push for a shared effort around one single plugin. Therefore I would contact filipenevola and ask him his support a joint effort as well (or to at least make this effort an official one, adding it to the official roadmap etc)
  • Another interesting goal would be to be able to simply use a typescript version installed with meteor npm install typescript, instead of having to always rely on a hardcoded one. For example typescript 3.9 has been officially released since several days, it should bring a lot of performance improvements that are desperately needed in several projects, but we are simply stuck on waiting until meteor updates it internally.

Meanwhile I thank you for your efforts and I hope I will be able to help in the future.

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