Announce: SnamlScript for Meteor to generate HTML templates

SnamlScript is a commandline language like Tcl. Block and Inline commands were applied for HTML5, SVG, Meteor Blaze and other internal functions on cloud programming. SnamlScript code can generate HTML5 web pages and documents. SnamlScript programs make meteor apps more maintainable, modifiable, and reusable with high-level consistence. In addition, SnamlScript is much easier to work along with Cloud Platforms and various JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, Meteor, .etc. SnamlScript also works for multiple Operating Systems such as Window, Linux, and MacOSX. SnamlScript was released as Open Source in Apache 2.0 License.

GitHub Source Site:

SnamlScript syntax highlight package for Atom editor is language-snamlscript. installation:

apm install language-snamlscript