Announcing Extended Support Maintenance for Node.js 14

Great. Will there be a mup docker image for this?


Great news.

This will provide more time for our client’s projects and Quave’s projects as well to migrate everything without having security known issues in production environment.

We are actively working with many clients in this migration effort but most of them will need more time.



Hey Tom, I’m talking with our DevOps team at Quave to see how we can help the community on this.

As we need to have this ready for a few clients we probably can do something publicly as well.

I’ll keep posting updates here.

Feel free to reach out in pvt as well :wink:


Exactly, you can make your own compilation like this one in our README, or use our already generated one that is hosted on the CDN in the links that @fredmaiaarantes indicated, in these files and only the node compiled from our repository and you can use it in your customized scripts and in your pipeline flows with CI/CD.


Hey all, we have some news about Docker images compatible with Meteor new ESM Support Version of Node.js 14.

Quave implemented a few images that we will keep releasing versions for every new Meteor version (we have also published for 2.6.1, 2.7.3, 2.8.2. 2.9.1, 2.10.0 e 2.11.0. We can also release for previous version upon request).

Here are the 3 images that we are going to support:

How they work

They all get the Node.js, NPM, MongoDB etc from Meteor installation so for sure you are using the same version as used by Meteor of all these tools.


Yes, we have an option with MongoDB running for you in the same container, this can be helpful for staging or temporary environments.


Why zcloudws namespace instead of Quave?

We are soon going to release a new service called to run any project based on Docker.

Also DB hosting (MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL). If you want to know more feel free to email


Our image including MongoDB is running as a Demo here. The project deployed is our Meteor Template.

Docker example and also MUP.

This example is running on zCloud as well (we are not promoting it yet as we are finishing up the UI, it will be available soon for the public but we already have some clients running on it for a few months).


I just saw the blog post for the new Meteor 2.12 release.

One minor feedback: the use of ESM as an acronym for Extended Support Maintenance is confusing due to the other meaning of ESM (ECMAScript modules) in JS world


Will update to make it more clearer

When will Meteor be able to run on Node.js LTS (18) version?

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Hey @mattphet, Meteor 3.0 release will run on Node.js 18. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments on that, you can follow our public board and also this forum topic. Doing so gives you access to all the updates as they’re released.

We are very close to releasing an alpha version of Meteor 3.0.


The extended support maintenance of Node 14 helps a lot, knowing that security is maintained. But the difficulty now is for NPM packages with security patches which also dropped support for Node 14.

Where can we find urls for generated tarballs of last patched version 14.21.4 ?

Thank you.

Sorry, forgive me. I found it.

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To build an Alpine version (using musl) based on the official docker image, I need the sources compiled to a tarball just like the official nodejs release has. Did you publish those as well?

Hello @permb! Yes, they are also published. We have a new documentation page where you can find them and also see additional information.

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Sorry, I picked the wrong word. As you can see from the image, the script needs a tarball of the non-compiled sources. Did you store that too? Alpine Linux cannot use the normal Linux version so needs to be created from the source code


Let’s do some internal testing and try to release an example Dockerfile with Alpine + Meteor Node ESM this week.

I’ll let you know.

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira

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Hello @permb , We generated a primary version here with Alpine.

In the documentation, there is a reference to Docker in the following link:

Click on the meteor/node to access our Alpine-based Docker image and view the Dockerfile example in the DockerHub description.

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira


Thanks Philippe!

Would it be possible to generate an alpine image based on 3.17 instead of 3.15?


Hello @permb

We have just made the Docker Image available with alpine version 3.17

We also leave an example of the Dockerfile in the description.

You can see more here: Docker

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira


Perfect thank you - will test as soon as I have time