Announcing JustDo - Meteor Based, Extendable, Project Management Platform

I am happy to announce that after a lot of hard work, we are launching is a Meteor based, extendable, project management platform, with a powerful SDK that allows developers to modify both its frontend & backend with new plugins (Meteor packages):

We believe that we present to the Meteor community exciting opportunities:

  1. Business opportunities: Meteor shops and Freelancers can offer JustDo with tailor made customizations to serve a broad range of clients needs. By leveraging the existing power of JustDo new derivative product can be developed in a breakneck speed, and minimum effort.

    JustDo can be used either as a SaaS (, on premise, or on a private cloud, either managed by you, or managed by us.

  2. Showoff the power of Meteor: Got a client that worries about whether Meteor is stable, good fit for a big project, or scalable? Show them JustDo as an example for what Meteor is capable of.

I am looking forward to hear your feedback!


N.B. In the following weeks we are intending to throw a plugins development contest that is based on the JustDo SDK. We are looking for judges, please DM me if you are interested. As a judge, you will be able to participate in the contest, but won’t be able to vote for yourself.


Congrats! Looks amazing!

I can’t right now, but I plan to dive in deeper soon. On a first look of the plugins I’m wondering if I can do something like add sign-in with Meteor?
Another question I have is if this could work for Open Source. Say Meteor Community Packages decides to adopt this, is there a way to open basic overview to the public to see?


Thanks a lot @storyteller :))

JustDo can be extended to support Meteor Sign-in. Since the sign-in process requires changes to the landing-app, which is a distinct Meteor app under the hood, please DM me to discuss how it can be done (it is really not complex thing to add).

Regarding your second point. Can you elaborate a bit more about whether you have a specific project in mind? Developing such support is high on our list and I’d like to hear your take on what would be your expectations from such a product. Again, would love to discuss and develop the idea in person.


Very well executed product and excellent use of Meteor packaging system. :ok_hand:


Very impressive @theosp congrats.

Meteor packages are very powerful and you are showing it on JustDo, great work. I’m looking forward to see Meteor community extending JustDo :slight_smile:


Right now I’m looking on different solutions that we could use for Meteor Community Packages as I find Slack severely lacking. I don’t have any particular idea in my mind yet, but I was thinking that if we could have JustDo to manage tasks and at the same time have it open to a certain degree so that people could see what is going on and who is responsible for what. That would be great in order to be an open organization.

Making parts of JustDo public is certainly doable. Let’s do a pilot to see how the current team of Meteor Community Packages can make use of JustDo. I can personally support you through the process - from setup to adding the feature of making parts of a JustDo public.

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