Announcing Meteor 1.10

Hi, new blog post :slight_smile:

Enjoy and spread the word!


Glad to see the edit function in Galaxy! Looking forward to what is next!


Will updating Meteor.settings at runtime ever be a feature built into the framework, or do you think it will only be a feature within Galaxy?

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Great progress, looking forward for the next release and youโ€™re doing great @filipenevola!


Great news! Congrats on the release.

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Hi, you can write to Meteor.settings in runtime if you want but I donโ€™t think this is a good idea but I believe it would work for instance if you read data from an external storage and assign these values to Meteor.settings object.

On Galaxy we are not writing to Meteor.settings in runtime, we are creating a new container with your updated settings, as we have zero down-time implemented in Galaxy this is a very smooth experience.


Thank you, thank you for letting us change Settings in Galaxy!!!

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