Announcing Meteor 1.3.1

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I hope new build crud is something you’ll focus on if you’re planning on making more releases. Currently (on a 2015 MBP) every release requires that I reinstall Meteor as there’s always stuff left in ~/.meteor that slows builds down to a grinding halt (CSS refreshes taking anything between 10-30 seconds, app builds taking up to 1 minute). I noticed the easiest way is to just remove the entire .meteor directory and redownload everything but it is a bit of a bummer to do across 5 apps if you release every week.

Trying to update to 1.3.1 and getting a promise_server.js throw error. The error states that it is undefined. Anyone had issues with this?

updating to 1.3.1 and getting a promise_server.js throw error too.
TypeError: Cannot convert null to object

I restarted computer and freed up some disk space on my harddrive, and then navigated into my app folder and tried the process again. It worked. Try and make sure you have at least 1.5 gigs of space on your SSD or HDD, and try after a fresh restart. It has seemed to fix most updating problems for me

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This just means meteor build will now only generate the Xcode project, but won’t attempt to compile it. In order to code sign and submit to the App Store, you would always need to open the Xcode project, so this saves an unnecessary compile and also fixes a problem with our workaround for a Cordova bug (see here).

Got it, thanks Martijn!

Probably yes, but I don’t think this is a good idea. We do an automated state of the art pipe-line process that prepares, compiles and deploys automatically.

Don’t having the ability to compile from command line breaks all this.
In meteor 1.2 we could prepare, compile, build, sign - all from command line via cordova prepare, cordova build & xcodebuild & xcrun commands, all after the meteor build was finished its job.

If you were using ‘cordova prepare, cordova build & xcodebuild & xcrun commands’ after meteor build, you were doing a lot of extra work.

meteor build used to do everything up to xcodebuild. It now only does cordova prepare. But you can still invoke the other commands manually if you want (although you’ll have to apply the workaround for the Cordova bug I mentioned above yourself).

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Great quick solution!

I know you haven’t announced it, but I’m so keen on trying out the CSS imports, can I assume that:

meteor update --release 1.3.2-rc.1

Has the CSS imports and the jQuery dependency stuff included as part of it? It looks like it, from the commits.