Announcing Meteor 1.3.1

Though Meteor 1.3 was released only a week ago, we’re shifting into a regime of doing smaller releases more often, as long as there’s stuff to fix (and there’s always stuff to fix).

In that spirit, I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Meteor 1.3.1. To update to the new release, run meteor update --release 1.3.1 in an app directory.

This release is not yet “recommended,” meaning we don’t yet print a banner in the console urging you to update. If there are no unexpected problems with the release, we will probably recommend it in the next week or so.

The changes are relatively conservative, but if you spot something here that’s been giving you trouble, then 1.3.1 might be the cure for your woes!


  • Long isopacket node_modules paths have been shortened, fixing upgrade problems on Windows. #6609

  • Version 1.3.1 of Meteor can now publish packages for earlier versions of Meteor, provided those packages do not rely on modules. #6484 #6618

  • The meteor-babel npm package used by babel-compiler has been upgraded to version 0.8.4.

  • The meteor node and meteor npm commands now return the same exit codes as their child processes. #6673 #6675 (Thanks to @abernix for submitting a PR to fix this!)

  • Missing module warnings are no longer printed for Meteor packages, or for require calls when require is not a free variable, fixing

  • Cordova iOS builds are no longer built by Meteor, but merely prepared for building.

  • Compiler plugin errors were formerly silenced for files not explicitly added in package.js. Now those errors are reported when/if the files are imported by the ImportScanner.


Hi @benjamn thanks for the hard work! I’m growing fond of 1.3 funny enough.

Do you have any insight into when importing styles from a npm package is going to be fixed?


Just to be notified that during this “stealth” mode you may encounter The Wrath of Khan :wink:

I’ll take a look at importing CSS files from node_modules this week.


Nice! Yeah might as well use Twitter Bootstrap from NPM right? More up to date and standard. I’m getting used to 1.3 tbqh.


Having more frequent releases is awesome! And +1 for the CSS importing thing : )


channels, channels, beta channels vs. “stealth” mode :wink:


thanks guys, keep’em coming :slight_smile:

Is this referring to the meteor run command? I’m assuming meteor build works as before.

+1 on ditching the stealth mode and using beta channels instead. This doesn’t follow semver and can be confusing. Or use something like then count upwards from there until 1.3.1 is confirmed stable/final.


Great work MDG! Also, really loving this rapid-release cycle, keep 'em coming! :wink:

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@benjamn what about this issue about binary npm packages throwing errors when trying to deploy.

not being able to deploy is a pretty big problem and IMO way more important than CSS modules (sorry guys).

I agree. I’ve wasted the whole week trying to deploy a Meteor 1.3 app without success due to this error:

Working on that too!


Thanks for the update! Any chance of 1.3.1 or 1.3.x supporting Node 4?

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Is there a roadmap currently on what the next feature to be worked on? Just curious what you guys are planning beyond 1.3.1

Here’s the immediate stuff:

Upgrading Node and gradually migrating Meteor packages to npm are the next big priorities.


1.3.1 is recommended now. Type meteor update at your convenience!


@benjamn Do you know where I can find changelogs for this new version to see what was fixed and changed? (Can I import css styles from npm packages now?)


Here’s the 1.3.1 changelog.

Here’s what’s coming in 1.3.2.


Awesome! Good idea to make small progressive updates IMO.

Cordova iOS builds are no longer built by Meteor, but merely prepared for building.

What does that mean? How is it build now?