Announcing Meteor 1.4.1: Node 4.5.0, faster package downloads, and more

As with most x.y.1 releases, Meteor 1.4.1 contains a number of incremental changes intended to polish and patch the recent 1.4 release. With that said, this release also contains some exciting new features that we will highlight below.

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Congrats, but the most exiting text here is:

Meteor 1.4.2 will focus on improving rebuild performance,

Super excited, just why it took you so long? :slight_smile:


Build performance is a difficult, many-faceted problem!


Maybe I do not completely agree on such reasoning but understand and wish you best of luck! Doesn’t matter now - you are doing it hell yeah :heart_eyes:

Any idea when we might see code-splitting? Initial page load has become disastrous in my app and we’re going to have to migrate off of Meteor if we don’t get code-splitting in the next few months.


for new meteor, i like a workflow to upload to diferent servers, like mup but easy, official, and fast!

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very nice, the packages downloads are really faster. In my case, I’ve noticed that the rebuild is a little more faster than the previus version.

Trying 1.4.1 already. Builds are lightning fasts. :smiley:

But facing one blocker regarding tests. :open_mouth: All the tests which worked till stopped and threw errors after upgrading to 1.4.1.

Looks odd to me. I’m using dispatch:mocha-phantomjs. Anybody facing similar issue?

So on MacPro OS X 10.11.6 it downloads and then seems to hang installing. Is there a way to enable debugging to know what is going on? This spinner is what I am staring at for the last 30 minutes

Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.1… /

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Great! Let me try it!

meteor update
Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.1...

(half an hour later)

Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.1...

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I tried to install 1.4 and gave up finally three hours later.
I could not install the Scss, sass pckagrs required for the meteoric package my app uses.
Did anyone manage to get this running?

The blog entry says to re-install when it takes to long. Unfortunately re-installing removes .meteor and all the previously downloaded and installed versions and packages. Major PITA.


For my medium size app I decided to go the clean way for upgrading:
( running on a Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop )

Filesizes before upgrade:

  • ~/.meteor folder : 8.4 GB ( yep, massive)
  • ~/Desktop/myproject/.meteor/local/bundler-cache : 212MB ( I had it cleaned out a few days earlier. But keep an eye one this one, it can become very large also. )


  • rm -rf ~/.meteor
  • rm -rf ~/Desktop/myproject/.meteor/local/bundler-cache
  • reinstall meteor: curl | sh
  • updated my meteor project with meteor update
  • Meteor asked to npm install bcrypt, which I did: meteor npm install --save bcrypt

Filessizes afterwards:

  • ~/.meteor folder : 1.2 GB ( still a hefty folder, but 7 times smaller)
  • ~/Desktop/myproject/.meteor/local/bundler-cache : 30MB

The whole proces of downloading, installing and upgrading was about 3 minutes.

BTW: My build-times:

  • changing a client-side file: about 3secs to rendered results
  • changing a server-side file: about 3secs to server restart
  • changing a method( which requires both server and client rebuild: about 6secs to rendered results

I don’t know, maybe I’m just lucky, but I have similar results on several apps ( small, medium and large-size). Even on my old laptop I get results after about 10-12 secs, and that one is running a virtual Ubuntu 16.04 on a Win7 Virtualbox host.


yes, jamgold, i had that spinner for 4 - 5 long daaaaayz ! finally just completed the update. I have not updated in a long time, so maybe that was part of the issue (?)

There have been a number of issues on github related to this issue, in a lot of cases it had to do with the CDN. Adding an entry into your hosts file for solved it for a lot of people.

Steps below:

  1. host
  2. edit /etc/hosts and put the IP from no. 1
  3. restart networking after no. 2

After 1.4.1 I’d assume it would be safe to remove the hosts entry again.

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Is anyone else getting the error “can’t reserve memory for parent stack” in Windows?

Thanks for this update. Now I am back on the train, no more “downloading tooling”…I had to create a new meteor app and just copy my old files to the new directory and run ‘meteor add’ on all packages I used and now my app works perfectly as before. So far things really seem to work faster. Looking forward to future updates.
BTW I am on Windows 10 recently updated to build 14393.0. Also installed on Fedora 24, so far it works well too

@benjamn re: the build tool, what about keeping the current build tool as a “starter” build tool for smaller apps, but make it very easy to switch to Webpack when build times become too slow?

The reason I ask is because from what I can gather, improving the build tool is far from trivial. So I just wonder if we couldn’t find a “shortcut” instead?


I decided to create a new project and copy my old files over as digitalx778 did.

Though I also had to reinstall Python because I got the error message that it couldn’t find it.

For build performance, I saw someone mention that disabling transpiling javascript for development would really speed things up. I think it’s a good ideA.