Announcing Meteor + React: A Step by Step Guide to Building a Complete App


Meteor is an amazing framework, we all know that. And now React is gaining some serious momentum. Using these two tools together is an incredible way to develop real time web apps. There are a few tutorials here and there about using React and Meteor together, but I haven’t come across a full fledged course teaching how to develop apps using Meteor and React. So I decided to make it. Introducing Meteor + React, a concise book walking readers, step by step, through the process of creating an app using Meteor and React. I’m still writing the book, and it’s set to be released in mid to late November. You can read more about it and sign up to get updates on the book here.

EDIT: When I first made this post, I had the release date as being in early November, but that was a typo, the book will actually be released mid to late November, sorry for the confusion/misprint!



Will the book be current with React 0.14 released a week ago?

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The React package for Meteor has not been updated to 0.14. I am sure his book will be updated once it is available :smile:


I hope you’re not suggesting the official package won’t likely be updated for at least another month. :frowning:


No, I do not know the author yet but I’m looking forward on this too :wink:


Don’t worry guys, although I am starting the book now, if anything is updated before the release or soon after, I will update the book accordingly. And it will be released via Gumroad, which means all buyers will have access to updates!


Signed up and looking forward to your release.


Awesome. Is this book suitable for React beginners? I have been working with Meteor for quite a while, but React is new for me.


I would say it’s going to be suitable for someone who is familiar with React but hasn’t done much with it. For example, if you look through the docs and go through this tutorial: you should be good to go. And I’ll put course prerequisites like that on the sales page when it gets closer to the release date so people have an idea of where they should be at experience wise :slight_smile:


Sounds good, signing up :smile:


What will it cover that isn’t in the official Meteor / React tutorial? I was new to both, but found that sufficient to get me started on the road to a fully-fledged app.


It will be more detailed as far as structuring a larger app, handling more complex data/component interactions, making hierarchical components, and just following a development process for building a larger, more realistic application. That tutorial is a great intro to the topic and I’ll probably have it listed as one of the prerequisites for the course.