Announcing React UserAccounts/Accounts-UI suite of packages for Meteor 1.3 – using the new ES2015 modules

From the experience on using accounts-ui and useraccounts:et-al that doesn’t work so well for React, we took the plunge and built the package everyone wants right now, because who wants to actually mix Blaze with React these days?



  • Easy to use, mixing the ideas of useraccounts configuration and accounts-ui that everyone already knows and loves.
  • Server Side Rendering are supported, trough FlowRouter (SSR).
  • Components are everywhere, and extensible by replacing them on Accounts.ui.
  • Basic routing included.
  • Unstyled is the default, no CSS included, but there’s a package giving you a Basic styling.
  • Support for “NO_PASSWORD” sign up and sign is are included.

Regarding styling:

It is really easy to create your own styling, se the section at the bottom on the page on extending and styling. (You can also learn how by studying the Basic style package).


From the creative folks at Studio Interact