Announcing the JustDo SDK challenge - $5,000 in prizes 💰 has opened the doors to entrants for its JustDo SDK challenge, a competition that invites developers from around the world to build innovative plugins on top of the JustDo’s platform.

A panel of independent judges will give each plugin a score between 0-10, the finalist will be awarded:

  • 1st place: $3,000
  • 2nd place: $1,500
  • 3rd place: $500

To participate, get the JustDo SDK, develop a plugin with it, and post a short video that demonstrates it in a comment below, you can decide whether to share the source only with the judging team, or with the public.

Our goal is to unleash the power of the tech community and develop new solutions on top of JustDo.

Individual developers, teams and companies will have an opportunity to register for the Challenge until ** Midnight PST Dec 15th, 2019**. Judges will evaluate and announce their votes by: Midnight PST Dec 20th, 2019.

The binding Terms and Conditions for the Challenge are available here.

Competition Judges:

  • Filipe Névola: MeteorJS Developer Evangelist .
  • Chris Hitchcott: An early Meteor evangelist, previously manager of the Hong Kong Meteor Meetup.
  • Ben Lavalley: Product Manager, Long time Meteor and Javascript coder.
  • Daniel Chcouri: JustDo’s head of R&D.
  • Kelly Copley: Freelance web developer and early Meteor adopter.
  • Ricardo Aragão: Web developer and super fan of Meteor.

Inspiration: You can check JustDo’s plugins store for inspiration.

SDK Technical support: A forum for technical support been created on .


Adding this to my TODO list. Hopefully I will find the time to get it done in time.

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Hi all, to help us plan and provide you with updates, if you are thinking on giving it a try, please follow @storyteller’s example and leave a small message here, or DM me. :pray:

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Looking forward to seeing what people put together!

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