Announcing Cucumber v0.14 - Synchronous Testing!


Today we released xolvio:cucumber.

HUGE thanks go to Dispatch for sponsoring this release and making it possible.

It’s fully compatible wtih Meteor 1.2 and sports the following new improvements for your end-to-end testing pleasures:

Synchronous Style

No more callbacks, no more promises, no more confusion, just plain old simple synchronous code - the Meteor way.

This means that you can now write code like this:

// synchronous
browser.waitForExists('h1') // actually waits

instead of this:

// promise assertions

or this:

// callback assertions
  .getText('h1', function(error, res) {

How is this possible? The same way the MDG solved it. Fibers. We’ve taken the WebdriverIO library and patched it.

Please see the migration guide for more details. Don’t worry, you can still use async mode + promises if you’re not ready to switch yet.

Jasmine Expect

Most users of xolvio:cucumber also use sanjo:jasmine. So instead of having to constantly switch context between Jasmine style assertions and Chai style assertions, you can now just use one.

We extracted the Jasmine Expect library and provided if by default into your steps.

If you still prefer to use Chai as stated in the migration guide.

Next Version

We’re working on a HTML report from Cucumber that will include a screenshot from every step, so that you can get a clear view of what your specs are doing both locally and on CI.

Need Help?

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us via GitHub issue or Gitter chat if you have any problems.

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Very nice! When will the Meteor Testing Manual be updated with the new changes?


If I can figure out to create 8 parallel mirrors of Jonas and I, tomorrow :smile:

Honestly though, I’m working on a chapter right now, so soon.


bravo can’t wait to try it out !


Thanks, let us know how you get on.

I forgot to add that HUGE thanks go to Dispatch for sponsoring this release and making it possible.


The book has been updated :slight_smile: