Another not working hot code push thread


We have a mobile android application built on Meteor
Overall the App is working nice and smooth, except hot code push feature: it does not work at all.

Server-side is working on our own dedicated server using Nginx + Phusion Passenger server software.

App’s meteor_runtime_config

appId: "1l2qd0qvkq88x1dcb4m8"
autoupdateVersionCordova: "f44588e9fb32931ed03e6f4ea5069715d1b3a431"
meteorEnv: {
    NODE_ENV: "production"
meteorRelease: "METEOR@"

Sever-side was built with android platform and --server-only option. is accessible.

I’ve read all related topics here and still have no idea how to figure out the cause of the problem.
So I would be very grateful for any help or advice.

:pray: Thanks.


any update on this? im having same issue :disappointed_relieved:


Is your live version the same meteor version? (ex. If you upgrade from a previous version, it could block hot code refresh, as there could have been some cordova or core plugins upgraded since the previous version (for example, going from 1.3.0 to 1.3.2).


Have you analysed what error is being thrown. check Questions about hot code push


hi guys thanks for the reply,… i found the issue, it was Meteor.settings.public set without wrapping it inside a meteor startup… this is on server side… putting it inside meteor startup fixed the issue on our end… question is, why did it cause an issue with the cordova version and server version not being aligned… and cause the hot code push to fail…


hello can you explain a little bit more about your solution? I’m having the same issue


hello can you explain a little bit more about your solution? I’m having the same issue


could you explain or show some error logs ?


Hey, yes thanks for the fast answer, actually I opened an Issue:

if you want take a look please.