Questions about hot code push

  1. Hot code push is worked for me most of the time. Now I’m getting the message:
    Error: "Skipping downloading blacklisted version ..."
    What does that mean?

  2. How can I get the cordova app version number/hash on server and client? On server I guess it is the version parameter in __cordova/manifest.json. On client it could be autoupdateVersionCordova in__meteor_runtime_config__.

  3. Is any documentation in progress and if so, where can I find it?

Most important for me would be the first one. Thanks in advance.

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BTW. I didn’t update any plugin or meteor itself

To avoid redownloading faulty versions over and over, we blacklist versions that generated a timeout. See this section of the mobile guide for some more information about this. Your guesses about the version numbers on server and client are right.

I think this could lead to false faulty versions:

  1. I installed a new apk
  2. I deployed a new version on my server
  3. The device tried to update to the new version. I got the following error:
    Downloaded asset manifest for version:...
    Download failure
  4. The version is added to the blacklist. If I restart the app, this version won’t be installed.

But: If I delete the App, reinstall the apk and run the app again, the new version is taken from server.

If you can indeed reproduce this, could you open a GitHub issue for it? That makes it easier to keep track.

I will do this.

At the moment I’m trying to find out if addBlacklistedVersion is really called after a dowload has failed.

Another question:
meteor-base implies hot-code-push. So,there is no way to get rid of the reload package, right?

Well, you could always remove meteor-base and add the packages you want manually.

I changed the behavior so updates are only installed directly after the app is started. Everything works fine now.

@martijnwalraven I am trying to debug a version that’s sitting out on the internet and using XCode to try and debug it.

I am getting

2016-06-15 10:21:05.246 Buzzy[1672:830747] SignIn on onCreated true
2016-06-15 10:21:06.375 Buzzy[1672:831951] Downloaded asset manifest for version: 94c5860ae86156587b9d390efb50e575052a37fd
2016-06-15 10:21:06.380 Buzzy[1672:831951] Download failure: Skipping downloading blacklisted version
2016-06-15 10:21:06.391 Buzzy[1672:830747] ERROR: {"line":36,"column":30,"sourceURL":"http://localhost:12456/plugins/cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp/www/webapp_local_server.js"}

I started Meteor with --mobile-server option to point my local installed via Xcode app to the server.

So the code on the server , versions numbers etc should all be the same. Any ideas on what could be causing this please?

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