Antd 3.0 is out


haha… geekBlue and goldenPurple… that brilliant. Nicely done by the ant team hey.

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best react UI framework by a long shot


How did you get the styling working? I’ve upgraded antd an now it’s not working anymore.


["transform-class-properties", "import", {"libraryName": "antd", "style": true}]

@import '{}/node_modules/antd/dist/antd.less';

I have not updated to 3.0 just yet. The setup you have there is how I have mine setup now (2.0).

what is the error saying?

If you make a public example repo, I can try to help. Or somebody from antd would probably take a quick look. What has your experience using antd been like so far? Currently looking at component-based frameworks and leaning towards Material UI, but this looks to have similar feature parity without the implicit Google-ness of MUI.

Oh shit :heart:
I will look at it :slight_smile:

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I will never use anything else:rofl:. My last go to was material-ui. I always though react-bootstrap didn’t bring much to the table and forced me to go hobble together another 100 open source components myself, all while hoping they don’t clash with bootstrap-react.

Antd can be styled really easily, but I think the defaults have a nice dropbox-ish feel to them. Good for enterprise apps out of the box, but it can easily be tweaked.


the css minifier is little buggy, maybe will be resolved in 1.6.1. Ref:
i just removed the standard-minifier-css package and it worked again.


this also looks cool:

I want an apollo-client version!

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Have you tried React Semantic-UI? I’ve only been using semantic-ui and now that I’ve seen Antd it looks very promising especially for a dedicated React framework.

React semantic-ui still lacks several features from the main framework which is why I am considering a switch.

I’ve seen semantic-ui but have not tried it. I think antd is more actively developed but if antd didn’t exist I’d probably be looking at semantic-ui or blueprint.js

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Has anyone set up theme customization with antd3 and meteor?
I use to have:

@import '{}/node_modules/antd/dist/antd.less';

in my less file and overwrite the less variables, but now I get:

While minifying app stylesheet:
   app/client/stylesheets/style.less.css:35:3: missing '}'

any ideas why the {} in this breaks?

No worries :slight_smile:
I have the same issue.

I post the issue on Github.

The fix is in the 1.6.1 release :slight_smile:

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Coming from using Semantic UI and having tried out Antd to do my own personal portfolio page I must say that the very apparent drawbacks are as such:

  • Theming and customizations are not as robust and does not cover everything within the website design.
  • Typography is a huge concern in the sense that you have to manually theme your own headers, sizes etc. Something that I now truly appreciate Semantic UI for.

The typography issue is my largest concern and will, most probably because of that, shift back to using Semantic-UI. There are some neat components within antd that will certainly benefit some people but for general use cases, the font stuff is simply just too lacking.

Not sure about what you guys think though. All that said, it is based off just a couple of hours of using it and I am definitely slightly biased to something that I am much more familiar with.

I think you can override all their styles with a less file. just changing the primary color variable should propagate through every component.

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Yup, I’ve actually heavily modified the less file but what I’m quite
disappointed is that not everything is covered. You need to manually
override the css styles for some things that are hard-coded to some sense.

Maybe I’m too used to the structure and theming by semantic ui.

Have you ask authors about your problem ?

It isn’t exactly a problem because I can still achieve what I want albeit at a more time consuming and less than ideal experience.