Any 3D Printing fans want to help build a OSS Meteor Printer and Filament database?


I’ve recently got into 3D Printing and I’m really enjoying it. I’m currently working on building an OSS (App and Data) Printer and Filament database using Meteor. The goal is to provide an open dataset to end users for 3D printing information via the App and API.

A very rough proof of concept can be found here:

I’m currently using Iron-CLI with Bootstrap and Blaze, Meteor Galaxy and Compose MongoDB. I have the code repo setup as private on Github as I’d need to sanitize credentials before making it public.

A long term goal would be to also allow site users to use the Web and Mobile apps to log prints. Having the ability to keep a log of print jobs including which printer, filament and settings used could be an awesome resource. “I printed this thing from thingiverse (link) on my xx printer using xx filament at xx settings.” for example. Possibly providing per machine gcode files with results could also be useful.

There is an existing OSS database I could use for seed data ( to jumpstart the project. Ideally I’d like strong member insert functionality with document revisions and pending/posted moderation to crowdsource information.

I’m rather serious about this project and will continue hammering away on it, but always welcome contributors and friendly bantering. Let me know if you are interested and I can setup Slack.


Very interested and look forward to seeing further information