Any admin UI recommendations based on React?

Is there a recommended admin UI that is based on React and works well with Meteor?

How do you guys do it?


I’d just build it from scratch with material-ui


I do not know this package but i can tell you that vazco’s team is doing an incredible work.
If someone has used it, i am interested in feedbacks

Allright, but then I would need something like AutoForm for React which I could not find either.

The Meteor ecosystem is too widespread these days.:cry:

Take a look on this

I built a basic equivalent of AutoForm for React:

It doesn’t do stuff like automatically generate a form based on a collection (you need to add the input components into the form manually), but it works with SimpleSchema which is the main thing I wanted.

I only have components for Material UI at the moment: (well I have for Semantic UI as well but haven’t published them to NPM, I can publish it if you want). If you don’t use Material UI or Semantic UI, building your own components for it is pretty easy.

There are older versions of the packages on Atmosphere, but I’d recommend using the NPM ones as I no longer maintain the Atmosphere packages.

One gotcha is that this uses the new (NPM) version of SimpleSchema (, so there are some minor differences compared to the Atmosphere version.

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I would use

which is based on (but easier to use)

The form has an onSubmit that you just take the contents of and send off in a Meteor method to post to the server. It also has a ton of ui-error and validation stuff that you may not get with autoform.

The good thing about formsy-material and formsy react are they’re both really really popular in the react ecosystem (so not dependent on meteor ecosystem)

I find pre-built admin areas end up being more work unless it comes out of the box exactly as you need (exact form fields, etc.)

Look at Inspinia

Maybe I am wrong but only UI is not what @obiwahn was looking at.
It is something that is built with meteor, si maybe integrated with account and/or roles.

And Autoform for react, i have used uniforms with enormous success, it is so well designed that it is highly extensible.

Exactly. I was looking for a replacement for the great yogiben:admin package. Sadly it enforces Iron Router (I use React Router).


I would use

There are afaik two attempts to bundle it into react components:

Guess the first one, is where commits are made in the past time.

Since most of the solutions I found base on REST APIs or need some custom data layer code, I ended up using yogiben:admin on a separate Server.

This is not a bad idea.
I am guessing, that you share the same database ?
Could you elaborate a little bit more on your setup ?

Yes. Our DB is hosted on

Collections and SimpleSchemas are shared between all projects via a symbolic link (

One “modern” admin using React, Redux, React Router & newest Meteor for our support & new features.
One “old” admin on Iron Router & Meteor 1.0 for basic admin stuff (with package yogiben:admin).

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I think there are only a few good admin UI (templates) based on react.js. Other than rubix as mentioned in this forum, I just discovered another premium reactjs admin template. Here’s the link:
Eract - ReactJS Bootstrap 4 Admin Template:

I used admin lte ui and actually made a boilerplate for it. But there is an existing React version for this but I never tried it yet. If you want more material ui like templates, AdminBSBMaterialDesign is good enough :slight_smile:

see CRM / Admin Dashboard?