Any books about modern meteor development?

Since Discover Meteor book was published years ago I’ve been looking for something similar but up to date. Any suggestions?
I’m interested both in Blaze and React modern development.

Kinda old now but has some useful stuff Build Applications with Meteor [Book]

More recent React books:

I know it’s not exactly a book, but as another form of learning I can highly recommend the excellent course of Philip Johnson @philipmjohnson ( Annotated Guide to my Meteor-based Software Engineering Course - community - Meteor forums which (IMHO) covers everything one needs to get up and running with Meteor and React. I follow along when I have time (I am not a software developer, but have to deal with programmers in my job) and I plan not to do the React part of the course but learn Blaze instead. Books are nice but they get outdated very quickly.