Any good tutorial available on Meteor with MySQL?

Any good tutorial available on Meteor with MySQL?

I doubt, there’s an analog for DiscoverMeteor book…

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Meteor only works with mongodb at present.

I thought it’s now MySQL ready with GitHub - numtel/meteor-mysql: Reactive MySQL for Meteor from @numtel ?

And this is why I made another post Making REST APIs when using `numtel:mysql`?

That looks like one guy’s pioneering efforts to path some way for the MDG if they want to start exploring this in the future.
I’ve heard of SQL mentioned in the forums on a semi regular basis.
Officially, this is where it’s at: (note the future column it’s in).

I see. So, officially MySQL’s not supported yet.

I found this. Maybe this is something that you looking for ?

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But this one is also not official, right?

Nice. But it’d be helpful with a name and description. :smile:
Use PostgreSQL with Meteor


why is taking so long?

This article was recently published on Meteor’s blog: Create a Simple ‘Hello World’ App With Meteor and Apollo

Wrong. Please see this past post of mine (and many other posts):