Any good updated boilerplates or tutorial ? (Meteor/React/Apollo/SSR)

Hello everyone,

I see SSR and Apollo are 2 main goals of the road map and I am more than glad about it. However today I am struggling to make my website works with both together. Could anybody guide me to the right ressources in order to combine Apollo with SSR in a meteor / React app?

On the apollographql website the examples are marked as outdated.

I’d be more than glad to make a boilerplate or write an updated tutorial afterwards (for Apollo, SSR or even both together) if I could get things to work on my project but right now I am a bit in the dark. Anyone having a successful project with meteor/react/apollo/SSR?

Any guidance is welcome.



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@eric-burel I think is the one that may help on the subject according to my research on github. Don’t know if he stills hang around ??

Hi, still alive ^^ I can point you to Vulcan’s code and Pup’s code.

The client part is mostly rehydrating the state, nothing very fancy.

Basically you have to iterate, it’s easy to have a working version, harder to have a full fledged server, but it’s doable. Here is the list of the task we underwent in Vulcan + unsolved issues. The biggest difficulty was understanding Meteor’s idiosyncrasies, like how meteor/webapp works. But that’s great if you want to understand Meteor better.

At the time we updated Vulcan to Apollo 2 + SSR I don’t think there were other relevant boilerplate but I may have missed some other. I can’t find the relevant issue sorry, @sacha had listed them at the time. I still have a screenshot of the list though: image

None had Apollo + SSR at the time, however they may still be good sources of inspiration.