Any good user testing/usability tools that work with Meteor?


I’m looking for something sort of like Hotjar, not for the purpose of analytics or marketing, but rather recording a user’s experience using a Meteor app to see where they get stuck, what they use, etc. I would’ve probably just used Hotjar for this, but they don’t support dynamic JS sites.

If anyone has any useful tools for user testing, I’d love to hear about them!


something like ?


Maybe not. Astronomer reminds me of Mixpanel a bit. I’m looking for more of a screen-recording UX/user testing type of application.


@ffxsam Did you find a solution. I have asked hotjar if they are going to make an api. They said it’s not in their immediate plans. This would be super useful on a cordova app.


Hey @kylepierce! Yeah, I went with Intercom as both a marketing solution as well as in-app support. It doesn’t quite have the level of tracking I’d like (being able to see what a user is doing), but via its tracking events, I can gain some level of insight at least.


Why intercom vs mixpanel or amplitude?


To be honest, it’s been so long I don’t remember what I didn’t like about Mixpanel. Maybe it’s just that Intercom felt like a more compelling solution to me. It allowed me to also ditch MailChimp for marketing related emails.


We are using hotjar and it works great as long you don’t push an update. They are caching the names of .css and .js files. Unfortunately meteor creates a new name each time you push an update.


Out of the box, no changes to their code?


nope, it should work. As I said, the problem is in caching the names of js and css resources. The difference might be, that we are using hotjar on our website not on a mobile app. Although it should be the same.


Ill give a shot. I was thinking about playing around with the code to replace their UserId with my system’s userId. We shall see. Thanks for your comment