Any good webpack tutorials?


I’m asking here because the only other place I can think of is StackOverflow, and no doubt this question would be closed immediately there.

Since I’ve been 100% Meteor, I’ve been shielded from using webpack. :slight_smile: But I figure it’s something handy to add to my toolbox. The problem is, the official documentation is not so hot. Can anyone recommend any good starting points for someone who’s never touched webpack?


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What does Meteor 1.3 use by default ?


Internally? Not too sure.


I would recommend


I would recommend There is a section webpack with a video and code examples that really helped me a lot. It’s pretty bare bones, but it’s enough to get started.


It’s built on Browserify, isn’t it?

Regarding a resource on webpack, there’s a number of excellent videos on it, on YouTube :sunny: I enjoyed this one


Impossible - webpack was designed to eat your toolbox, and still have room to eat your evenings, weekends, sanity levels, and ability to ever see the words “web” and “pack” near each other in a sentence without running away screaming…

(P.S. --> Why Can’t Anyone Write a Simple Webpack Tutorial?)


SurviveJS is a good starting point:


The day I switch to Webpack will be the day someone writes a sane integration and makes UX top priority. I don’t really enjoy writing plumbing code at all, I don’t know why Webpack gets a pass for this.


I agree, and I’d rather avoid it. But sometimes there are scenarios where it makes total sense to learn Webpack, such as building your own npm packages for people to use with React.


it become harder when using it with meteor hahahah