Any guide for prerender-node and your own server on Meteor?


Hi all,

I’m looking at to better crawl my app. However, how do you use prerender-node (the NPM package) on a meteor application? The docs are for express (app.require) and I’m not 100% sure what the meteor alternative to that is or where to put it in my app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as always :slight_smile:




not sure how to make that happen too.

Meteor guide still suggest using dfishers package. But I think the better choice is to user the npm package.


Documented here?


the docs are suggesting to use the atmosphere package.
The question here is for the npm package.

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Anyone figured it out?


Been away for a while so apologies for the lack of a response. I actually found using the NPM package worked better than the Atmosphere package… for some reason. I don’t know why but the Atmosphere package wouldn’t send the pages through to prerender!

Unforunately, I have since removed that project so I can’t help with the setup. I may have a backup somewhere though so I’ll have a look on my other machine later.


I found this way:

  1. remove spiderable package and similar
  2. meteor npm install prerender-node --save
  3. place code here: “server/prerenderio.js”
// Use Prerender with your token
var prerenderio = Npm.require('prerender-node').set('prerenderToken', 'YOUR_TOKEN'); 
// Feed it to middleware! (app.use)

You may try using this package, it is working for me:

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That works for me:

import prerenderIO  from 'prerender-node';
var settings = Meteor.settings.PrerenderIO;

Meteor.startup(() => {
	if (!__meteor_runtime_config__.ROOT_URL.match(/www|stg|app/)) return;
  prerenderIO.set('prerenderToken', settings.token);

	prerenderIO.set('beforeRender', function(req, done) {
		console.log('\nprerender before', req.headers, '\n\n');
  prerenderIO.set('afterRender', function afterRender(err, req, prerender_res) {
    if (err) {
      console.log('prerenderio error', err); 
		console.log('prerender after', req.url, '\nheaders:', req.headers, '\nres complete:', prerender_res.complete, prerender_res.statusCode, prerender_res.statusMessage	, '\nres headers:', prerender_res.headers, '\nres body', prerender_res);

	console.log('\nprerender service:', settings);

I currently use the chrome-version of prerenderer:

which seems to work nicely and has similar (but limited) api as, so you can use any existing middleware.

I use nginx config for prerender, because the node-version did not work very well (i had inifinte loops, because it did not remove ?escaped_fragment= )


Hi, I have recently implemented prerender-node and my own Node prerender server with EC2, for Meteor. If you’re looking for something similar, please let me know.


Please post more about it. Thanks!