Any Idea why a simple route like this would take 15 seconds to load?

I’m still using super old meteor ( I know it’s super old, but I have deadlines and no time to upgrade). I have this problem where loading some pages takes an odd amount of time. I am not sure why, this is a very simple route. Seems like there’s some other stuff happening, yet on my localhost it works super fast?

@route “privacy”,
path: "/privacy"
action: ->
@render 'privacyLayout’
data: ->
start = new Date()
privacy = Privacy.find( {effectiveDate: { $lt: start} }, {sort: createdDate: 1}).fetch()[0]
privacy: privacy

I think the problem is i had default subscriptions on all my collections and a collection with a count of 100,000 items. So, I turned of all subscriptions, and generally have performance increases across the board. I only had one item in my privacy collection

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