Any luck installing opencv on a meteor project?

I’ve been stuck for a few days now on trying to install opencv for meteor

I am trying “meteor npm install opencv4nodejs” and no luck – it always gets stuck at 49%

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Have you tested this in what Meteor version?

This happens on meteor 3.0-beta.7?

Thanks for replying Grubba.

No, this happens in this version:

Meteor 2.15

Any ideas? Maybe I can update to the beta?

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I’m almost sure that running on beta things will be fine for most npm packages.

If it does not work, maybe something with the package, because on meteor 3.0 beta.7 the node version is 20

Sounds good – how do I update to meteor 3.0 beta?

meteor update --release 3.0-beta.7

You can check our migration guide

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