Any Meteor devs in Bristol (UK)?

Are there any Bristol (UK) Meteor developers out there?

I’ve recently moved here and founded a small startup, looking to collaborate / hire another dev.

Perhaps we should start a Meetup here? There’s plenty going on the JS community.

Bristol checking in! Haven’t bumped into any other Meteor devs yet. Would be good to hear what you’re up to.

Haha. So awesome. I went to uni in Bristol and found it a really nice city. I moved to Canada about 6 years ago though so can’t be much help right now!

Open to chat if you’re looking further a field.

Also a Bristol-based Meteor developer here! However, might I also suggest that you try the Meteor Cardiff Meetup group, if you’re looking for people?

@willrbc Always happy to have a chat if you’re around and want to bounce some ideas off of someone! Roughly where in Bristol are you based? (I’m in Old Market)

Live in Bishopston but renting Desk Space in Stokes Croft, that’s three of us so far, perhaps we should start a Meetup and spread the Meteor love in Bristol. I’ve been to a TechSpark Meetup and plan to go to some more, and I’ve discovered that Bristol & Bath together are the ‘Largest Tech Hub outside of London’ whatever that means. So Meteor should have a presence here.

Agreed, Bristol definitely should have it’s very own Meteor Meetup group and I’d be happy to help out with running & organising it. As for your startup, consider me intrigued, you’ll have to tell me about it sometime over a coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

We were probably at uni at the same time @timfletcher , Graduated 2006 and left 2007 and now I’m back! Canada’s probably not bad either!