Any music player server I could use with Meteor/Node/JavaScript?



I want to write a small app which would allow users to request songs to be played. For example, I host a party and I have a local stash of mp3 songs, my friends will be able to visit the app on wifi and select a song which will be added to the playlist. Now, sounds to me like I would need to have a music server with an API so I can send requests from the Meteor clients (probably just a web interface, not sure yet).
Do you guys have any suggestions for such a music server? Would be nice to have features like: read the playlist, add songs, etc


some googlieness should help bubble up some options. there are loads of media servers with API hooks for automation out there…in addition to more ‘full flavor’ media servers like XMBC (which apparently was renamed to Kodi)


Thanks for the suggestion (didn’t knew they renamed XMBC), I am still looking for a lightweight solution…


Have you played with MPC / MPD ?


So there’s two parts to this:

  1. A media collection
  2. Playing a song

Meteor is great for managing the media collection.

To play the song, I’d use a html5 media tag until you needed something more complicated.

The tag needs a URL for the song, so host the files statically using one of these techniques

If you don’t want your music collection downloadable by anyone on the net, use http basic auth.

The rabbit hole runs deep, but that should definitely get some tunes to your party :smile:


Sounds great, but not for this project. Here I need to play the music only in one point, not in every browser. The clients will just vote for songs…