Any plugins/tools for measuring DDP bandwidth?


Are there any tools out there to show bandwidth consumed via DDP? I don’t see the traffic in the Chrome DevTools “Network” tab, unless I’m missing something. I want to be able to find problematic subscriptions that are sending way too much data over the wire.



Yeah I’ve been wondering about this too. I can see the websocket connection in Chrome Dev Tools but it always says it’s 0 B. Searched for Chrome extensions but didn’t find anything.

Hmm, maybe if you somehow disable websockets in Chrome, Meteor will fall back to sockjs instead, which you should then be able to measure? :thinking:


Aha! Apparantly there’s no setting for this in Chrome, but I found this extension:

If you install it, Meteor will then fall back to sockjs, which you can then see in the Network tab (filter by XHR).
It’s not very exact but it sort of works. At least you can see at the bottom the total request size of each route.


Ah, nice find! Actually, isn’t there a way to disable websockets easily in a Meteor project, without any third party tools? Like WEBSOCKETS=0 in the environment or something…