Any project planning wisdom you'd like to share?


I’m a solo developer in a tiny agency here but I work hard at never getting complacient in my skills and the product I deliver. That being said when I first started with Meteor it was awesome. Pushed two decent projcets out, refined them as new packages or methods came out. Then React hit and since 1.3 I have had a hard time even planning projects the right way. So i’m just putting this out there, if anyone would like to share their process of planning out a project using Meteor and React (or Blaze) I’d love to hear some tips or methods used. I’ve come to realize that my biggest lack of skill is in proper planning right now, not coding.

I started a pretty decent sized project last October and I’ve re-written it from scratch four times now. I thought it was because almost every day something is changing but then realized I needed something like the guide! So That has been a tremendous help but I still tend to take things and make them more complicated than they should be. Like routes, template helpers…I end up smashing together traditional JS techniques with newer models and it may work but can barely ever be updated and so forth. ANY help is very much appreciated!!! :sweat: