Any real-life databases that can 'replicate' similar to mongodb and minimongo?

This has nothing to do with Meteor or web apps other than that I’m looking for something that’s architecturally similar to Meteor’s minimongo and mongodb.


There is a Central Node that has all data (similar to Meteor’s mongo). Several remote notes that should have light-weight replicas (similar to minimongo). The remote nodes should only have access to small portions of the central nodes data (similar to meteor’s pub/sub filters). The rationale is that the remote nodes are limited in memory, functionality, and operate over expensive links (e.g. satellite).

Anybody aware of anything out there that fits? Many databases can replicate, but I’m not aware of any that can replicate a highly customizable subset of their data.

I guess I should start with: Can minimongo be run as a server-side component?

Hello, @gdw2. In the end, did you manage to find tools suitable for your scenario?

We have a similar need of replicating the central Nodejs+MongoDb server to a number of read-only replicas with no stable Internet connection. We are considering using server-server ddp with local minimongo as one of the options: But not sure it is the best.

@voz, haven’t found anything yet.