Any reason meteor can't become an npm package/webpack module?

I’m trying to better understand what is holding meteor back from moving in this direction. Mainly, I need the faster rebuilds and hot reloading that you see with react/react-native in the wild.

NPM support is going to be much more likely in the near term than webpack. NPM packages are on the roadmap and slated for Meteor 1.5 or 1.6, while webpack is something of a competing technology to the Meteor build pipeline.

Yeah we see Webpack primarily as an alternative to Meteor. Have you tried Webpack in a large app? I’ve heard about the same stories of long rebuild times with both technologies.

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I have webpack going in a large app, and this is not the case

The fast load times are because the demo apps are really small. I’ve tested both side by side and I don’t see any difference. Since Meteor 1.4, rebuilds are more than acceptable.

Is this app identical to one you have also tried compiling with the latest version of Meteor? If so, it would actually be really cool to see some sort of comparison. Build optimizations in Meteor 1.4.x came directly from running customer apps and targeting hotspots, so the more data the better!

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