Any reason why an export from a package would not be available immediately?

I’m in the process of implementing meteorflux:dispatcher in a current project. I’ve got a custom package, we’ll just call it blah:blah.

So in /client/store.js, I have the following:

let appState = new ReactiveDict();
let blah = blahExport.thing;

For some reason, I get an error about blahExport.thing not existing, yet blahExport is definitely being exported by the package, and thing is an object on it. Strangely, I can fix this by changing the code to:

let appState = new ReactiveDict();
let blah = Package['blah:blah'].blahExport.thing;

What’s going on here?

Do you have the package in your app’s packages file?

It’s in .meteor/packages, and in the packages folder.

It seems like a race condition. If the app fully loads and I try to access blahExport via Chrome’s console or in other code, it works. But at the time store.js is loaded, it’s not accessible.