Any way I can monitor traffic from HTTP calls on server side?

I’m using on the server end, and wondering if there’s a way I can monitor exactly what’s being sent and received, in the same way you could use Firefox’s Dev Tools (Network panel) to see outgoing params, headers, and see what the server returned.

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tcpdump on the server might be what you need… you could set it up with filters to only do the http traffic on a certain port to a certain destination, to eliminate capturing packets not related to your

As far as what is received… try console.log(result) where result is what you get back from the

and then watch the server log

I hit the same problem when I was in meteor debug mode in the Chrome Inspector. The network tab was sorely missing! I attempted to use Fiddler, but for some strange reason, it couldn’t see the localhost server traffic. In the end I used Kadira, and though info on outgoing HTTP traffic was limited, I got just enough to get by. Did you find something that worked for you?

@interfusion - can’t seem to figure out how to see any outbound http call info in kadira. can you provide a hint?

on a related note - are there any node logging packages that can help me log outbound http calls?


@avioing It’s been a while since I used Kadira and I believe the UI has changed, but try Kadira’s Dashboard > Methods > HTTP. When I develop in Node, I use Logentries which has good HTTP analytics, but I have never integrated it into Meteor.

thanks! unfortunately, don’t see a way to get to HTTP call detail in
kadira. must be a different UI now.

to close on this, the kadira team has confirmed that kadira does not expose HTTP request details.

i have solved the need of monitoring outbound calls by using an NPM package - see this StackOverflow discussion for details

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