Any way to disable reactivity for Alethes Pages?


Using one of the older pagination packages for one of my apps (Alethes Pages). Was wondering if there’s any way to easily disable the reactivity?

Reactivity is really unnecessary and is just causing additional load on server, especially for things like our logs page.

Hoping there’s a way to disable it, but I’m not sure considering it handles the subscriptions behind the scenes…


Fork, and add reactive: false here:

There will definitely be UX glitches, so test it out.


The change did not seem to do anything at all?


I’m sorry, it appears that the server doesn’t support that flag.

That code is written in some really inscrutable programmer-ese, so it’s hard for me to say exactly where the change needs to be made.

You actually have to replace calls like this…

… with find().fetch() and call sub.added on each resulting document. No more observe, no more sub.changed calls.

There are a few of them, so this is a bit involved, but not at all as error-proned as it may appear.