Any way to ignore file/folder patterns to prevent server restart?


Is there some way I can tell Meteor, “if a file or folder matches this regex pattern, ignore it or anything inside of it”? So for example, if I don’t want the restart/build process to occur when I edit files inside folders called __tests__, is that doable?


I tried this a while back, I ended up using directories outside of the Meteor application for files and folders that I read/write/create/delete often – so as not to make the entire application restart.

Doing this has complicated my dev-ops situation for sure, as now I have an external dependency and file system structure I have to maintain.

But I did all this before this forum was built, and there was less Meteor help/devs going around, so maybe we can collectively figure it out now.


So, using the recommended import folder structure, if I edit files inside of import that are not actually imported by anything, the client doesn’t restart but the server does. I believe any ‘dot’ (hidden) folders are ignored by Meteor completely. It would be cool if we could specify other directory patterns to ignore, e.g. /__[A-Za-z]+__/.


I remember trying out the .folder technique, but there was a reason I didn’t go that route. Maybe there’s a stack overflow question I posted about it – I’ll have to search.


Trying to remember, was it that I couldn’t get the .folder to deploy, and if I copied it over manually, the folder and everthing inside got wiped upon a new deployment?


Did you ever resolve this?


Nope, I don’t think there’s anything I can do. I think we’d need a canonical answer from someone from the Meteor team. @sashko?


I think dot-folders and private are the only way to do this at the moment (does private make the server restart? not sure).