Any way to make Atom less of a memory hog?


There are endless IDE discussion here and I’ve downloaded most free options. I like Atom with meteor packages and auto-complete best but the thing is near unusable. I run it on a new macbook pro with 16 gb of ram and it ties up more than 6 gb just by itself with nothing but “hello world” type projects.

Is there anything I could do to it to help the memory usage? Or are there any other IDE’s that have readily available plugins or packages for Meteor (and related) autocomplete functionality like Atom does?


The other two nice options would be WebStorm and SublimeText. Maybe you can consider PyCharm community edition and try to add the Webstorm meteor plugin to it if they have/provide such a plugin.

Update: it seems they have a plugin for Meteor here . You have to see if it is compatible with the Pycharm community edition


Yup, I tried Sublime Text. I like it fine and there apparently is a way to get some Meteor packages but the way to install them is far from straightforward. I managed to mess up someplace and just gave up and moved on.
I didn’t try WebStorm since I thought I’d explore the free options first


yes, Sublime Text is not too friendly sometimes. PyCharm community edition is free, have a look. If not, 50 Euro for a WebStorm license is not too much, but check their trial version before to buy.


Yes and no.

Yes, because Atom is open source - and intended to be hackified. You can fork the source out of GitHub and chop until you find your perfect Atom editor that you will have to maintain yourself. I love Atom by the way - but not enough to spend two months winning speed at startup. The biggest eater of memory are often the helpers and Atom having a full Chromium underneath its hood.

No, there is not a quick way to prevent Atom of being a memory hog compared to SublimeText.