Anyone built Rocket.Chat into their app?

looks like there’s a start to the REST API - but wondering if anyone has successfully been able to build Rocket into their apps already ?


Starting work on it this week. We’ll see how it goes!


Disclosure: I work for Rocket.Chat.
Please let us know if you need any help with deploying, building or developing new stuff to Rocket.Chat. We have an open community on and with lots of people willing to help.


thanks Abigail; will check in with you in a few weeks then to see how you progress.

seems like a perfect way to not re-invent the modern wheel. Especially if it can be white-labeled, with only a fraction of the functionality exposed / utilised.

@marceloschmidt - cheers for the links mate!, will be scouring them for info.

@romant Were you able to do this? Or has anyone else been able to do this? I gotta say, the documentation for Rocket.Chat is really unhelpful.

I do not like bumping threads, but this is a rather urgent issue for me, and I’d be really grateful if someone could share their experience.

not able to join support channel or dev channel. Please help here.

And also i want use rocket live chat in my android app which is built on cordova-ionic.

I am able to integrate live chat into my weApp.

please help on this urgently.

I’m also interested in integrating into another custom Meteor app, there are a lot of discussion about authentication / integration of over the web but it’s hard to find code or proper documentation.

See also this issue on GitHub, in the repo for docs.

@marceloschmidt, hello sir! Were you able to integrate with Ionic 3 mobile app? I badly need assistance on my mobile application for and it’s already more than 2 weeks that I’m stuck with the integration. I hope you can help me over this, please? You can reach me at my email as well Thanks a lot in advance!