Anyone else have trouble getting working on their Meteor app?

I’m using the dferber:prerender package to set up the service, but doesn’t recognize my request (apparently).

I see this message:

Appending the ?_escaped_fragment_= to my URL works, so I’m assuming the service should work as well, but no response on the Prerender website.

This is my JSON setup:

“PrerenderIO”: {
“serviceUrl”: “”,
“token”: “thisismytokenlol”

With or without the serviceURL, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same response every time.

Interesting. By saying that the escaped fragment URL “works”, do you mean you can then View Source on that page and you see the static HTML without any tags? If so, then it sounds like your token isn’t being sent through to our service somehow. Mind shooting us an email at with your URL so we can help test? :slight_smile:

Am I supposed to see the rendered HTML? No, when right clicking and viewing source, I just see a Meteor script tag with no HTML.

So I’m assuming something I’m doing is wrong?

Yeah you should see a prerendered page (rendered HTML, no tags) at the ?_escaped_fragment_= URL. If you aren’t seeing that, then the middleware isn’t being run on each request. Can you move the middleware higher up in your stack so that it runs as the very first thing?

Alright, I’ll try that. It’s going to take a while to make the changes and deploy and test if it works. I’ll post the results probably tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

Still having the same problems. I put the prerender middleware atop my stack and still get no response.

I have been doing some research and I guess people are saying that Meteor’s Force-SSL package may be interfering with prerender? I don’t see how this would happen, but any input on this?

Ok, I finally got it to work. I wasn’t feeding the middleware the actual prerender information. This was the correct setup on server side:

let prerender = require('prerender-node').set('prerenderToken', 'InsertYourTokenHere');

Great! :slight_smile: