Anyone else using CircleCI? I'm having intermittent failures

Simple tests are timing-out intermittently on CircleCi. This only happens on CircleCi, locally on OSX, all testing is fine. Anyone having success with CircleCi specifically?

Running tests should be straightforward, but no one at CircleCI, or at the velocity forum have been able to solve this.

I’ve used the simple example tests from sanjo:jasmine. Intermittently, velocity hangs and goes to timeout. No errors. Nothing informative in logs. Strangely it did work once on CircleCi, and then never again.

The test command is simply:

meteor --test

The output I get doesn’t print any tests:

stream error Network error: ws://localhost:3000/websocket: connect ECONNREFUSED
[[[[[ ~/app ]]]]]                  

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Started MongoDB.                           
=> Started your app.                          

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/

In the .meteor/local/log/jasmine-client-unit.log this is the last line:

Chrome 38.0.2125 (Linux): Executed 0 of 0^[[32m SUCCESS^[[39m (0 secs / 0 secs)
^[[1A^[[2KChrome 38.0.2125 (Linux): Executed 0 of 0^[[31m ERROR^[[39m (0.023 secs / 0 secs)

I confirmed that the versions are the same Meteor 1.03.2, Node 0.10.33, Phantomjs 2.0.0, Chrome 40. Sorry that I can’t provide a reproducible repository, it’s a very intermittent error likely related to environment.

Did you ever get past this? I think I have a similar issue.