Anyone had any luck using Meteor Pub/Sub with Apollo Subscriptions?


I am trying to use Meteor Pub/Sub as the source my my Apollo subscriptions. The current docs on the Apollo page are not updated and some of the functions are now deprecated.

I was trying to use Meteor as my Apollo server and then connect to it using Apollo Client 2.0 from both my Meteor client and my React Native application. I was just curious if anyone had solved this already as I think since Meteor’s backend is reactive we could just use Apollo’s @live queries to get reactivity on both Meteor Client and React Native. Thanks in advance!


Looks like this is already being discussed here


I just wanted to point you to that discussion :blush:


It’s important to note that there is a difference in GraphQL subscriptions and @live queries, as explained in the mentioned talk:

The Meteor pub/sub comes close to the @live query proposal. GraphQL subscriptions are more like events, which Meteor doesn’t really have an equivalent for. I recommend watching the talk for more details.

The interesting part is that the GraphQL features are moving more in the direction of Meteor, but I expect it will take quite some months to actually see @live officially supported. Once it’s here, we can have the features of Meteor combined with the power of GraphQL! I can barely wait…