Anyone have experienced migrating Firebase users to Meteor users?


I’m considering migrating a project from Firebase to Meteor but the only hurdle I can think of is transfering user authentication details to Meteor. I really don’t want to have to have to get all my users to create a new account on the new platform. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t know anything about firebase, but the only problem you’ll find (IMO) is migrating passwords.
How are they stored in your DB? If you use bcrypt, it should only be a matter of creating the users in the users collection, and then redirecting your user to the login screen to generate a new login token.

What complications did you have so far?

A lot of times I wondered about firebase, so if feel like it, can you share the why of the migration? You just like the tooling better, or is there a more complex reason?


Yes I think the passwords might be my only issue. Was hoping users wouldn’t have to create passwords again but looking like it might be the only way. Firebase is pretty closed off with how passwords are stored it seems. Must be for security reasons.

Complications came in with having an unstructured database, which got messy and very complicated very quickly when we needed to pivot a little. Originally it was a simple property inspections app and firebase was perfect for it. Allowed us to launch much faster. Then after growing, the app started becoming more of a property rental platform and handling data relationships in a firebase db became a nightmare.

If an app is simple and has one feature, firebase is great. Has everything you need. But for something a lot more complicated that needs to constantly be changing it’s data structure, needs roles, permissions and general framework tools, firebase wasn’t the best choice.