Anyone having issues deploying with MUP since 1.2 was released?


Since I upgraded my project to version 1.2 I’m having issues updating my staging environment to the latest build. I was wondering if this is something anyone else is suffering with, or if it’s just me!?


i am using mupx and did not have any problems


I’m only using mup, not mupx. I may recreate the host with mupx and stick with that going forward if it turns out to be more reliable.


Here’s how I managed to deploy after 1.2:

  • mup stop
  • edit mup.json to have node version = 0.10.40
  • mup setup
  • mup deploy


Ah we’ve gone up a node version have we!? I wish that was made a bit clearer in the release notes!


Of course, following your instructions has solved the issue completely. Thanks for spotting the node version change @fvilers!


You’re welcome @Siyfion !