Anyone heard of this PacketZoom before?

Claims to be able to speed up data transfer of mobile apps to phones by reducing network latency and roundtrips to and from the server? SDK download is hooked up to one’s Google account so I don’t know what format this is in, but I suppose we can assume since it’s “drag and drop” and for mobile apps, the SDK is for native Android and iOS… But if not, I wonder if we can make use of this, or if this is another lofty service similar to those multiplayer accelerators using private networks.

Here’s the link to the service:

Hi @powderkeg

PacketZoom SDK is available for the following

  • native iOS and Android
  • Unity iOS and Android
  • React native (iOS and Android)
  • Cordova, ANE (iOS)

You should be able to download the native or unity versions from the website once you login with your google or github login and for the rest, you can mail to