Anyone know of a good Angular vs Blaze example or article?



I want to convince my co-workers to give a serious look into Blaze. They currently use Angular and I don’t want to give into Angular. I have been seduced by Blaze. I have looked into Angular and why would I want to do all that work? Blaze gives it to me for free.

The complexity of Angular code is so ugly compared to Blaze.

I want to show them a simple example of code doing the same thing in Angular vs Blaze. Anyone know of one?

Any tips for how to go about bringing up Blaze and trying to get them to look into it, and start using it?

It is kind of hard to get other developers to take a new tech seriously. But I honestly believe Blaze will make our lives easier.


We don’t need the full stack for some projects. So for these projects I want to use Blaze instead of Angular. For example with Cordova apps. You can use Blaze by itself without the other Meteor core packages.


Around September '14, I had trouble finding similar comparison articles. I too was in a situation where I wanted to use a Meteor stack but the team was more comfortable with a MEAN stack, as it was had been more ‘tried and proven’ by that point (and Meteor 1.0 wasn’t even out).

Personally, I think Blaze has a significantly faster learning curve than Angular. It was far more intuitive to me for some reason. Perhaps with Angular’s v2.0 rewrite will change some of these things.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is that you aren’t selling your team on just Blaze. Meteor is a full-stack solution, and that means accepting that you’re no longer creating REST endpoints, you’re trading that for DDP and pub/sub. The architecture is a paradigm shift from Rails/Django/Spring, and so forth. And it still feels pretty different to developers that have done the MEAN stack, or have used some client-side templating system with some REST backend.

I don’t know if it’s been updated in awhile, but I liked the examples from the Discover Meteor book. They might be your best bet in introducing your team to Blaze and Meteor as a whole. The examples are pretty brief and the example app (Telescope) is a simple concept.


You can use Blaze alone without the full stack.

If we are writing a Cordova app, we only need Blaze as there is no server.