Anyone know of any native apps made with meteor?

Does anybody know of some android apps that were made with meteor and packaged up by cordova? I wanna play around with some.

There are the two examples projects from the meteor team (I think written by Percolate):

I played around and made one for my brewery (Tin Whiskers) that is in the apple and android stores. That app has a web interface at Check out the repository. It’s less polished than the Meteor examples and I’d probably be more likely to accept a pull request if you actually wanted to improve something while playing around :smile:

oo nice. Did you use anything besides “vanilla” meteor in regards to the mobile aspects? Were you able to keep a single codebase?

single codebase yes, but there is some mobile specific code to do things like intercepting the back button. Its basically just cordova and webviews.

I did use a number of packages but I think that still constitutes as vanilla meteor.

Have you looked at using ionic for anything? Maybe something like the meteoric package?