Anyone knows/ uses observatory.js?


Hey there!

Has anyone of you guys heard of observatory.js or even uses it?
It looks a bit like Kadira. I’m just wondering I’ve never heard of it although
it’s more than two years old.

Maybe someone has information if it’s still alive or who’s creating it :wink:


It appears it’s still in development


As fvg says, there are a lot of these monitoring packages, but they are all being abandoned for some reason.

One package I miss is
I discovered Observatory today. I hope these don’t die, we need a opensource/free solution around.
Kadira seems good, but you start hitting the free/premium limitations from the get go.


What do you mean by that?


It’s a really cool analytics platform for meteor.

It’s not accepting new users. It will only tell you that once you’ve done all the integration. (c’mon dev, show us some love!).