Anyone successfully complete the recent Angular 2.0 Meteor Socially Tutorial?

I understand the Angular2 Meteor project/tutorial is still a work in progress…

I have run through the Angular 2 Meteor Socially tutorial several times this past week and am not able to get app step 05 and beyond working.

Has anyone completed successfully the recent Angular 2.0 Meteor Socially Tutorial (steps 05 through 18)?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

What problems are you running into specifically? Any details you can provide will help others troubleshoot.

Hi hwillson,

It appears the index.html file gets called twice. However, the parties-list.ts/html component is not loaded nor is it called?

I’m running Meteor version - 1.3.1

meteor --version
Meteor 1.3.1

Here’s the complete code with node_modules and .meteor directories zipped:

The app appears to start fine.

Thanks for you help in advance.

hi. i too have suffered though the tutorial. I a repo for each step of the tutorail