Anyone successfully migrated a mongo database from Compose to Atlas?

We’ve had some success using the mongodump method, but they offer a live migration too, and we’d like to use that if possible.

However, every time we’ve tried we get the following error:

Uh oh! Live import validation failed because the username or password provided is not correct.

Any ideas?

From the Atlas Documentation:

Atlas displays a walk-through screen that collects information required to connect to the source cluster.

  • Enter the hostname and port of the primary member of the source cluster into the provided text box. For example,
  • If the source cluster enforces authentication, enter a username and password into the provided text boxes. The username must correspond to a MongoDB user on the admin database with the following permissions:
    • readAnyDatabase on the admin database.
    • read on the local database.
  • If the source cluster uses TLS/SSL, toggle the SSL button.
  • If the source replica set uses TLS/SSL and is not using a public Certificate Authority (CA), copy the contents of the source cluster’s CA file into the provided text box.

At a glance, I think the requirement for a user with readAnyDatabase on the admin database will prevent live migration from the Compose ‘mongodb classic’ hosting because you don’t have access to the admin database.

I suspect this will work if you migrated to the new mongodb+ deployments on compose first, because they have an admin database you can access, but I’d speak to Compose about that. Not sure you’d be able to do a zero-downtime live migration from mongodb classic to mongodb+ anyway (and there’s slight additional cost involved because you pay more for 1st GB, pay extra for oplog etc with mongodb+)…

If you’re already on the new MongoDB+ deployments at compose then you’re probably providing the wrong user credentials.

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